Elizabeth Dewitte

I was born in Montreal, Quebec and I am now living in Ogden, Utah. I received my MFA from the University of Utah in 2000. My graduate work was dedicated to the exploration of how a visual artist could inform the general public regarding the uniqueness of the Great Salt Lake, the surrounding environment and most specifically, the roughly 250 different species of birds that thrive in this distinctive locale. I have worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for various companies in the United States as well as abroad. However, I am most proud of my volunteer work in form of artwork for organizations such as Saint Joseph Catholic Schools, Friends of Great Salt Lake, Ogden Nature Center, and Weber Pathways.

I am currently employed as an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) at the University of Utah and my most recent focus is how colour communicates across cultures, identity and trends. My research supports my lectures on the Language of Colour, a study of the beauty, power and meaning of colour.